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Because of Professional SuperCard

2007.12.05. The Day is the day we should remember for all SuperCard DSONE user. DSONE OS v3.0 release for all DSONE user in the world. OS v3.0 provide this dream function as a gift of Christmas. It's RealTime Save! Any time, Any where, Any way to save & load the game. This is a revolution of this wonderful device.OS v3.0 include FOUR dream function. ONE:RealTime Save. TWO:RealTime Cheat Code. THREE:RealTime Game Guide. FOUR:Multi-Save. All these are RealTime functions, ONLY available on this wonderful DSONE.

1. 100% Compatible.
2. The Leader of Technology.
3. The most powerful product in the world.
4. Software upgrade never outdated for all user.