Fast Start UP for new USER
STEP 1 Connect the MicroSD/Tflash memory card to the PC
STEP 2 Copy folder "scshell" & file "MSFORSC.NDS" to the memory card.
STEP 3 Copy the ROM files, MP3 files and other multimedia files to the memory card.
STEP 4 Insert the memory card into DS ONE, and then insert DS ONE into the console. Turn on the power.
STEP 5 Press A to run the file you like. Enjoy it.
OS Menu Manual/Save Size →
4K Include 4K/8K/16K/32K
512K Include 128K/256K
2M/4M If a new game without save size in database, system will set 512K as default. If the new game can not work, please change the save size from here.
Other →
Enable GBA Union Enable GBA Union include save union.Put the GBA game into DSone flash card.Select the .gba file and press X, a property window will appear. Click "LOAD" button to load the GBA game to slot 2 SuperCard. When OK appear. Player can choose the DS game to run with the GBA game union. If select .gba file and press A button, system will load GBA game to slot 2 and run GBA game.
Set SC to Rumble Mode Support SC Rumble Series as a rumble package.
Set SC Browser Support DS Browser Clean ROM, need to work with SC slot2 card.
Display Chinese Name Show Chinese Name
Save Menu Option Save system setting.
SuperKey Hotkey L+B. Boot slot 2 GBA card, work as a SuperKey.
AUTO Set SD Speed System will auto detect and set a best flash card reading speed.
Enable Patch Hotkey L+X. Patch Mode window will appear. Only Enable Patch has been selected, the others option can be efficient. Include: Fast Read, Patch SD Card Read Speed, Patch Saver, Saver:IN DS, Enable Reset, Enable Cheat, Enable Game Guide, Enable Real Time Save
Option →
ICO Modality → No ICO (No icon, just file name list)
Small ICO (16x16 small icon, 9 games per page)
Big ICO (32x32 big icon, 5 games per page)
PDS MODE (Display ICON as a desktop)
File Sort → File Name (Sort in file name)
Time (Sort in date)
Language → English/Chinese
SD Speed → 1x Speed
2x Speed
3x Speed (Default Setting for normal speed flash card)
4x Speed (Recommend High speed flash memory card, Kingston, KingMax and PNY flash memory card is best.)
5x Speed (Reserve for High speed flash memory card in the future)
Other (Manual set speed up to 32x)
File Info. → Display the file properties. Such as pic, movie, music, text etc. DS ROM (series number / type/ name/ save size, save size can be modified from here.)
skin → you can select one skin from these completed skins. Of course, you can also DIY a skin or more .
About → CopyRight…
Menu at UP screen Hotkey
Menu at UP screen Hotkey R+Left Move menu cursor or select menu (Press "R" key,and Hold it,then press "Left"key)
R+Right Move menu cursor
R+Up Move menu cursor
R+Down Move menu cursor
Basic Operation & Hotkey
Up/Down/Left/Right Move cursor
A/B Open, Run or Close file
START Display additional info.
L/R (Page up/down)
X Open/Close Properties Window
Y (Change ICON size)
L+X Open Patch info. window. (Menu: Other-->Enable Patch)
L+B Boot slot 2 GBA card. (Menu: Other-->Superkey)
L+A Switch Up/Down Screen display, all screen support wallpaper DIY.
Powerful Function
RealTime Save: L+R+SELECT+UP (Enter RealTime Save Menu, A confirm, B resume game)
RealTime Cheat Code: L+R+START+UP (Enter Cheat Code Menu, ON/OFF cheat code, B resume game)
L+R+START+Left (ON all cheat code without enter Cheat Code Menu),Default Turn ON
L+R+START+Right (Turn off all cheat code without enter Cheat Code Menu)
RealTime Game Guide: L+R+START+DOWN (Switch to Game Guide screen when playing game, page up/down support. Game Guide support Chinese, English, Japanese )
RESET to Menu: L+R+A+B+X+Y
View Ebook
Book Mark Hotkey: L (Load Book Mark)
R (Save Book Mark)
Play Music
Hold Select: fastup play music
X/Y volume + -
L Pause
R Next music
R+L (sleep mode) (Pause) When Close NDS/NDSL, Music support
L+R (sleep mode) (Next music) When Close NDS/NDSL, Music support
View Picture
X/Y Zoom in/out
NDSL Screen Light Adjust
Select+L Turn darkness
Select+R Turn light
Trouble Shooting
Hold L+R sHold L+R Turn on Power to enter self test mode
Hold L+R+UP Hold L+R+UP Turn on Power to enter FULL self test mode (PSRAM test need about 1 min)