Cheat Code DIY Manual

DS ONE OS 2.0 added NDS game cheat code function. Player can on/off each cheat code option dividually when playing the game. Player can press Hotkey to switch between cheat code menu and game play screen. It's a real time cheat code. The best cheat code system in the world.

DS ONE NDS cheat code file
DS ONE use special cheat code file *.scc, player can use software convert *.cht to *.scc easily, so play can add, modify and delete the cheat code by themself. And this convert software also support *.cht file with create by Emu-Cheat. It's very easy to make your own cheat code file by yourself.

Q:How to create *.cht cheat code file?
A:Please use Emu-Cheat software to creat *.cht file, Or download the *.cht file from internet directly.

Q:How to convert *.cht to *.scc?

  • 1. Run cht2supercardcheat.exe
  • 2. Click "Make Cheat" button.
  • 3. Select the .CHT file which you want to convert.

    How to use *.scc cheat code file?
    A:There are two methods:
  • 1. If the ROM in the database. You can rename *.scc to the ROM series runber, and put the *.scc to scshell\cheat.
    Example: If you have a ROM "0061 - Bomberman (U)" which in the patch database, you can rename the .scc file to 0061.scc and put it into scschell\cheat folder.
  • 2. If there is a new ROM not in the database, You should rename the *.scc file name to match the ROM name. And put the ROM and *.scc in the same folder.
    Example: If you hava a ROM "1060 - SuperMan" which is not in the patch database, you can rename the *.scc file to "1060 - SuperMan.scc", and put it with the ROM file together.

RealTime Cheat Code

The most powerful cheat code system in the world. DSONE not only has the function which can turn ON/OFF all the cheat code like other similar product, but also has the exclusive function to enter a cheat code MENU to turn ON/OFF the cheat code individually at anytime,. Only DSONE has this function.

  • The request of using RealTime Cheat Code function:
    1. DSONE OS v3.0 and Up
    2. Should be run in patch mode. And select the “Enable Cheat” option.
    3. How to enable RealTime Save function:
    Click “SET PATCH” from File Information window or press hotkey L+X

    Select “Enable Patch” and “Enable Cheat” option.

    3. Make sure the the relative *.scc cheat code file in the folder \scshell\cheat.
         DSONE profice more than 500 .scc files in default. If the cheat code system can not work, that mean the *.scc file is unavailable.

  • How to get .scc file if unavaiable?
    1. SuperCard Team will continue release new *.scc file.
    2. Player can make the *.scc file by themselves. Please reference readme.txt from cheat code tools which can be download from:

  • Hotkey for RealTime Cheat Code function in the game:
    L+R+START+UP: Enter Cheat Code Menu, ON/OFF cheat code, B resume game
    L+R+START+Left: ON all cheat code without enter Cheat Code Menu, Default Turn ON
    L+R+START+Right: Turn off all cheat code without enter Cheat Code Menu

  • Exclusive technology in DSONE cheat code syatem.
    1. RealTime Cheat Code funxtion, can enter cheat code menu at any time.
    2. Will NOT slow down when cheat code is enable.