New User Tutorial
Step 1 Copy OS files to microsd card
Step 2 Insert microsd card into DSONE
Step 3 Insert DSone into DS
Basic Operation
D PAD Move Curse Left/Right: Page Up/Down (Only for list view mode)
A/B Confirm/Cancel
Y Display the game's menu setting/Display cheat menu
START Display system menu,L/R switch
Select Change file list style
DSone System Menu
Setup SD speed Set the read speed of your microsd card
Run mode Switch Clean mode / Patch mode
Language Change the display language
Brightness Adjust the brightness (Only for DS/DSL)
Multi-Saver 4 save slots
Theme Changed the Theme/Skin
Saver Set game save size for Clean mode
Cheat Turn on/off cheat
Ingame Menu(Press L+R+A+B+X+Y in the game to call out this menu)
Game Guide Open the real-time-guide, supports txt files
Cheat Codes Turn On/Off cheats
Load Load RTS saves
Save Save RTS saves, there are 4 RTS save slots
SlowMotion Use slow motion function, supports 4 levels slow down
LCD Brightness Adjust the brightness(Only for DS/DSL) , supports 4 levels
Return to Main Menu Return to the OS main menu
Return to Game Return to Game