• Q: How to use Cheat code?
  • A: copy "usrcheat.dat" cheat code database into folder"_dsone". And you can use cheat code in EOS system.
  • Q: What is EOS?
  • A: It's a evolution OS for DSONE, DSONEi. It's NOT a new product. It's a powerful software major overhaul for the DSone card.
  • Q: Is EOS fully compatible with my 'old' DSone card?
  • A: Yes. It's compatible with all DSONE series.
  • Q: Why message "No Find English/Chinese/Japanese Ver.!" Message appears?
  • A: That mean the OS is not an English/Chinese/Japanese version. Please download English/Chinese/Japanese version OS from http://eng.supercard.sc/ http://www.supercard.sc/ http://jp.supercard.sc/.
  • Q: Can I use the saves of old supercard product?
  • A: Sure, and very easy. Just rename the save file as the same filename of the nds game and put them in a same folder, for e.g. if your game is 123.nds, then rename the save file as 123.sav.
  • Q:Can I use SuperCard DSONE with a DSiLL?
  • A:Sure. SuperCard DSONE works perfectly with all NDS/NDSL/IDS/IDSL/NDSi/NDSiLL
  • Q: What file format does Real time game guide support?
  • A: support txt directly.
  • Q: I want to share one game with family, can I have multi save?
  • A: Yes, Evolution support multi real time save and multi normal save.
  • Q: What’s the function of DSONE EOS slow motion?
  • A: Slow motion can slow down the game speed, it’s easy to play the action games.
  • Q: What file format support with DSONE EOS e-book and picture function?
  • A: e-book support TXT, PDF format. Picture support BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIF, GIF.
  • Q:Where can I get the cheat?
  • A:This site is very good: http://cheats.gbatemp.net
  • Q:Where should I put my cheat file?
  • A:Please rename your .dat cheat file into usrcheat.dat then put it under /_dsone/
  • Q: Why I cant run games under English OS?
  • A: Please rename the filename as English characters.
  • Q: Why I cant use cheat?
  • A: Please check:
         1、make sure you play games with patch mode, not clean mode.
         2、must turn on cheat function.
         3、maybe flashcart don’t support that code
  • Q: How to active the cheat code for game?
  • A: Make sure the usrcheat.dat in _dsone folder. Before enter game, press Y enter setup window, press Y again to setup cheat code item, such as life, money etc.