DSTWO User Manual

DSTWO the second generation flashcard, SuperCard team spent one year work hard on it. It’s the first built-in CPU flashcard in the world. DSTWO not only included all the advantage of DSONE, but also use it powerful built-in CPU to provide more miracle functions.

DSTWO powerful CPU support built-in GBA/SNES emulator, support more powerful real-time functions. It’s begin from DSTWO, and it’s the time beyond DS.

Fast Start up: 
Step 1 Download the OS from www.supercard.sc.
Step 2 Unzip and copy the system folder _dstwo to the root of microSD(Forma FAT32).
Step 3 Copy the game files to the microSD, insert the microSD into DSTWO.
Basic Operation
Up/Down/Left/Right Move cursor
X Game setting
A/B A/B   Open / Close File
START calling System menu
Select Mode set
Main menu instruction
File Operation File Management System (Copy, Paste, Cut and Delete).
Skin Setting skin.
Language English/Chinese/French/Italian/Japanese/Spanish/German/Korean
System display/brightness/Hot Keys
Help using help
Enhancements(Hotkey in game: L+R+Start)
DSTWO Customize Desktop
It’s very easy. Just copy the homebrew main program (*.nds) the _dstwoplug folder. In addition to some homebrew, there is a folder outside the main program (such as moonshell), copy the folder to the root directory of MicroSD card.

Want to make a look good icon?
1. Make a 16-bit 40X42 bmp picture,name with the same homemade software. Such as homebrew.nds need a picture file name homebrew.bmp.
2. Create a *.txt text file and then enter the following text, save the txt file and then rename the *.txt file to *.ini. Such as homebrew.nds need a *.ini file name homebrew.ini.

[Plug setting]
Icon = fat1: / _dstwoplug /homebrew software name.bmp
Name = homebrew software name
3. Finally to copy the *.bmp file and *.ini files to the _dstwoplug folder, restart the "DSTWO Desktop" you can see the new icon added to the list