DSTWO SNES emulator

System Edition:V1.05
System Capacity:2.77MB
Release Date:2010-09-10

DSTWO SNES emulator


SNES emulator


NDSSFC is a SNES emulator only for DSTWO with Real-Time-Save(RTS), Cheats, Screen Snapshot and etc functions.


Download and unzip, then copy the /NDSSFC/ and /_dstwoplug/ folder to the root of your microsd card.

We suggest you to put SNES Roms under / NDSSFC/gamepak, it's easy to search games.


Save: You should click "Exit" when you want to quit, or you can't save with the original normal save function in-game.
Call out menu in-game: Touch the touch screen.

PS. we set the default cpu level at level 2 to save power, if you feel the sound is not synchronized, please try to set it to level 4.


Video/AudioGraphic: There are 4 display modes. Inside red box is the visible range on DS screen. Because the resolution of SNES is higher than DS, there is no perfect way.


Game Fase Forward: Game speed becomes faster, but the sound will be off.
Save State: Save/Load/Delete Real-Time-Save
Cheats:supports .cht format cheat files
Tools: Screen Snapshot options
Other:CPU Frequence: there are 0-4 levels, game runs better with the higher level, and will cost more power.
Language: CHT/English
SD Card Capacity: show the space of your card
Restore Default Settings
Version infomation
Exit:Back to the desktop of DSTWO

Running Snaps: