iReader Plugin

System Edition:V1.12
System Capacity:5.95MB
Release Date:2010-12-22

iReader Plugin



iReader - a document reader and image viewer for DSTWO

iReaderv Plugin 1.12(2010-12-22)

Install: To install simply release iReader_Vx.x.rar and copy the iReader and ther _dstwoplug folder to root directory of your SD card,overwrite the old version.After these operation, you can see iReader and _dstwoplug.

-Fixed Standby bug.


Folders and Files list Loading Press “Start” to Exit
【Reading E-Book】

E-book menu Bookmark setting Selection and customize background
Bookmark Set text size spacing Quick Jump percentage
【See Picture】

View picture function support touch screen and keyboard shortcuts, user-friendly to operate according to their own habits. It support rotate and zoom function. Down screen display touch button, the Up screen display the user selection part.



iReaderv Plugin 1.11(2010-12-17) Download

-Fixed the issues of related keys, particularly the R key when using vertical mode, is too sensitive.

-Fixed the problem the file list can not be normal sliding because of adding the IDLE mode.

-Added the function of customizing background and font color in reading.

-Added language selection.

-Background and text color for use:

Determined by the style settings, you can also customize background and text color in font settings menu.

If you want to use custom colors, remember to use the select button to choose the "Font Color"(or "background color") by ticking in the left so that your custom color is valid, and the text does not use style settings color.

-You can change default current using language and current using language by modifying the file config_lang.txt. Of course, you can also change current using language by language selection menu.

-The position of the file config_lang.txt:

iReader Plugin V1.1(2010-11-25) Download

Fixed the crash problem happended when NDS was closed and than opened.

iReader Plugin V1.0(2010-11-09)

-Added Traditional Chinese edition.

-Added the function of Automatic recognition language encoding, now support GB2312, GBK, BIG5, SJIS, unicode and UTF8 Automatic recognition.

The text is longer, the accuracy of automatic recognition is higher, then the text is shorter, the accuracy of automatic recognition is lower, or it's not impossible to identify. When it's not impossible to identify, you'd better save it as unicode encoding.

-Replaced the local fonts lib with the unicode fonts lib.

-Added the IDLE mode, so that the power consumption is more lower.

-Others, if you want to change to other language edition, you can modify the following file:

iReaderv Plugin 1.1(2010-10-14) Download

-The iReader software automatically parses supported files by extension type.
   ZIP files as virtual directories, Now these files can be accessed through the “All”, “Book” and “Picture” sort option.

-Added the R key for turn to next page when using vertical mode.

-Fixed the case of lost words when using vertical mode.

-Improved image zoom scale control mode. Now Scaling parameter can control from 25% to 400%, as 25% 50% 75% 100% 150% 200% 300% 400%.

-Increased support for large images.

-Fixed the case that large image can't be zoomed or rotated because of lack of memory.

-Fixed some .bmp image browsing problem.

-Improved the bookmark, Now you can save more than 10 bookmarks for one file.You can save bookmarks as many as you want.

Note:-Because the bookmark was modified so your bookmark of old version can't be used.You must delete it.

iReader Plugin V1.0(2010-07-09) Download

Installation: Download the package, copy all folder to the root directory of MicroSD card and replace old.

iReader is SC team official E-book software for SuperCard DSTWO. It supports Support more text / image format, operation is simple, the functional and practical, intended to better read Figure user experience.

Text format: txt、pdf、html、ini......

Image format: BMP,JPEG,JPG,PNG,TIF,gif......

Tips: Support ZIP file.