Free Cheat manual

Step 1: When the need to modify a value of the game, press hotkey (default is L + R + start) enter DSTWO in-game menus, enter Free Cheat.

Step 2: Enter the value which display in the game screen. And click “Search”. Free Cheat function will begin to searth this value from the memory of DS.

Step 3: The first search result will be a lot of addresses, based on these addresses, we need to re-search, click "Exit" to return to the game to continue playing for a while, so the value changes, and then back to Free Cheat, enter the changed value and click “Search”, so you can narrow the range of addresses. Normally enter two or three can determine a specific address.

Step 4: Found a specific address, click "Edit", value can be modified. Now return to game, you may find out the value changed, such as: life, money etc.

Step 5: Or you can click “AddCheat” to add this address to the “Cheat code” list. In the “Cheat code” list menu, value can be both edited and locked.

Tips: If want to make a new search, just click “Reset” in “Search value” menu.

Free Cheat function DEMO:

We choose the “New SuperMario Bro.” as DEMO game. We would like to lock the gold coins to 99.

First of all, we can see the gold coin is 1, we want to modify it.

Press Hotkey (default is L+R+Start) enter the in-game menu, then enter Free Cheat function.

There are two menu, one is Search value, the other is Cheat code, let’s enter Search value menu.

Enter the value “1” which display on the screen, then press A button to confirm, then press A button “Search” begin to search progress.

The fist search, we got all addresses which value is “1”.

Click “Exit” back to game, continue play for a while until gold coins change.

Now gold coins change to “6”.

Again enter Free Cheat function, modify the value to “6”.

Press “Search” again.

Now we searched 4 addresses. One of them should be the gold coin address. Now we return to the game again.

Gold coin changed to “7”.

Back to Free Cheat, enter “7” to search.

Now, only one address list. We found the gold coin address. We can edit the value.

Press A button, press “AddCheat” to add this address to Cheat Code list.

And we can give a name of this value, Such as ”GOLD”.

Then, we can edit it or lock it in the “Cheat Code” menu.

Now, we modified the value to “99” and lock it.
At here, we can do lock/unlock, edit, remove operation.

You see. The gold coins change to “99”.

And it will never change with the lock value function.