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(Old edition)DSONE Eos Download:
DSONE  Evolution V1.0 (eng)(2010-02-05)

SuperCard DS ONE OS: SuperCard DS ONE OS 3.0 SP8 (2009.06.08)
Usage: Please follow the instruction of readme.txt
Important:Please backup the *.sav before upgrade OS.

ndsrominfo.dat for SC DSONE v3.0 SP8    Update(2009.07.09)
1. Fixed: The Bug of #3966 - Dragon Quest 9
unzip and overwrite the same name file in the scshell folder on ur microsd card


The Newest micro firmware 1.01 for SuperCard DS ONE

micro firmware 1.01: micro Firmware 1.01 (2007.07.24)
Usage: Please follow the instruction of readme.txt
NOTE: SuperCard DS ONE has a micro firmware, user should download the SC DS ONE OS to the ROOT of the flash memory card before use it.


DS ONE OS Manual: SuperCard DS ONE 3.0 Manual

SC Skin Editor

ShadSkinEditor_SCDS1_2.03a.rar download(2008.11.06)
ShadSkinEditor_SCDS1_2.03a.rar---Skin Editor For Supercard DSone.

SC Cheats

english-cheats.zip download(2008.11.06)
english-cheats.zip---Supercard English Cheats.

chinese-cheats.zip download(2008.11.06)
chinese-cheats.zip---Supercard Chinese Cheats.


scc_merge.exe download
scc_merge.exe---Can add TWO *.scc file together. Player can DIY cheat code and use slow motion function.

ar2cht.exe download
ar2cht.exe---Can convert AR code(Action Replay Pro) to .cht file.

dipstar2cht.exe download
dipstar2cht.exe---Can convert DIP code(Dipstar) to .cht file.
Usage: The same as ar2cht.exe, but you need to find DIP code here.

Function 1: Convert .cht file to .scc file which is used for SC cheat code system.
Function 2: It's also a tool to convert SC Real Game Guide.

Saver Size Database: Update to 0001-0818 (2007.01.20)
NOTE: Copy to the MiscoSD SHELL folder, replace the old one. This file can help system choose the correct "Saver Size", if new games are not in the database, you can choose the Saver Size by yourself.

SOFTWARE(Super Mode needed only): Super Mode software for SC DS(ONE) 2.58 (2006.12.25)
NOTE: This is a SuperCard DS software(Super Mode need to use), you do not need to use it at standard mode. But if you use the software, SuperCard DS can support more powerful functions, such as RESET, cheat code, infinity save space etc (can support save more than 4m in the feature).

France Language Package: France Language Package and Brief Manual in French. (2007.04.20)
Usage: Put the Language.ini file to the flash card /scshell folder, and replace the old one.