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SUPERCARD Rumble Series

Time:2009-12-25 12:17From:SC Author:admin

The Newest Version of Convert Software and Firmware

Software: SC Rumble Series v2.71(2010.03.25)

FIRMWARE: Firmware V1.85 (2008.03.18)

SC Cheats

english-cheats.zip download(2008.11.06)
english-cheats.zip---Supercard English Cheats.

chinese-cheats.zip download(2008.11.06)
chinese-cheats.zip---Supercard Chinese Cheat.


SC Cheat Code Tools

scc_merge.exe download
scc_merge.exe---Can add TWO *.scc file together. Player can DIY cheat code and use slow motion function.

ar2cht.exe download
ar2cht.exe---Can convert AR code(Action Replay Pro) to .cht file.

dipstar2cht.exe download
dipstar2cht.exe---Can convert DIP code(Dipstar) to .cht file.
Usage: The same as ar2cht.exe, but you need to find DIP code here.

cht2scc.exe V1.02 download
Function 1: Convert .cht file to .scc file which is used for SC cheat code system.
Function 2: It's also a tool to convert SC Real Game Guid

Public Software

SOFTWARE: SD Reader Driver for Win98