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Time:2009-12-25 10:50From:SC Author:admin

(New edition)SDHC-DSONE/i Eos Download:
Important: To new user, should use the firmware writer upgarde the DSONEi firmware, otherwise can not be used. And then choose the EOS or OS.

DSONEi SDHC Evolution V1.0 (eng)(2010-02-05)

The Newest OS for SuperCard DSONEi(SDHC)

SuperCard DSONEi OS:
SuperCard DSONEi(SDHC) OS 3.0 SP8 (2009.06.08)
Usage: Please follow the instruction of readme.txt.
Important:Please backup the *.sav before upgrade OS.

ndsrominfo.dat for SC DSONEi v3.0 SP8    Update(2009.07.09)
1. Fixed: The Bug of #3966 - Dragon Quest 9
unzip and overwrite the same name file in the scshell folder on ur microsd card

SuperCard DSONEi Fireware:
SuperCard DSONEi(SDHC) Fireware ver1.1(2009.08.22)
SuperCard DSONEi(SDHC) Fireware ver1.0
NOTE: The original fireware version of DSONEi card is ver1.0.

DSONEi OS Manual:
SuperCard DSONEi 3.0 Manual


SC Skin Editor

ShadSkinEditor_SCDS1_2.03a.rar download(2008.11.06)
ShadSkinEditor_SCDS1_2.03a.rar---Skin Editor For Supercard DSONEi.

SC Cheats

english-cheats.zip download(2008.11.06)
english-cheats.zip---Supercard English Cheats.

chinese-cheats.zip download(2008.11.06)
chinese-cheats.zip---Supercard Chinese Cheats.

Public Software

SD Reader Driver for Win98


Other Software

SuperCard Dldi source Code

Moonshell source code(2006.12.29)
- added SCDS drive
- added Replace go function table


SuperCard DS ONE OS: SuperCard DSONEi(SDHC) OS 3.0 SP7(2009.05.23)
1.Fixed: The bug of #3782, #3790, #3791
2.Fixed: The bug of the deafult skin of DSonei
3.Updated: The Cheat files