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SUPERCARD Mini SD Software(2)

Time:2009-12-25 14:47From:SC Author:admin


Software: SC MiniSD v2.70(2009.07.04)
- Fixed: The bug of #3607, #3782, #3790, #3791, #3819

Software: SC MiniSD v2.69(2009.02.20)
1. Added: Card read mode option, improve the compatibility. Almost all games works in mode1, if some games cant work, try with mode2 or mode3.
e.g. should choose mode3 for #3398
2. Fixed: The bug of some new games
3. Cant fix the bug of #3369 now because the speed problem

Software: SC MiniSD v2.68(2008.07.11)
1. Fixed: Fixed the vaule of new save file into 00 so that fixed some games like #2436 cant work
2. Fixed: #2253 cant work with rumble series.

Software: SC MiniSD v2.67(2008.07.05)
1. Fixed: 2253/2421 cant work
2. Fixed: some games which likes 2392 cant work
3. Fixed: the save size of 2385 fixed into 64Mbits

Software: SC MiniSD v2.66(2008.04.03)
Fixed: 0kb bug of 2203

FIRMWARE: Firmware V1.85(2008.03.18)
Fixed: the MoD (Moogles of Death) Thank You screen of 2107

Software: SC MiniSD v2.65(2007.12.25)
1. Fixed the some games save problem. The save type like ROM 1780.
2. Optimized flash memory reading speed.

FIRMWARE: Firmware V1.84(2007.11.07)
1.Fixed IDS/IDSL homebrew cannot be used by touching the touch screen
2.Copy the dldi.scp file to root directory of TF/SD card then it could be patched with DLDI.

Software: SC MiniSD Beta v2.63 Beta (2007.10.01)

SOFTWARE: SC MINISD v2.62 & FIRMWARE v1.83 (2007.09.04)

1. Added the save type for 1368 and 1371 ROMS.
2. Added 213 new cheat codes, total 441 cheat codes now.
3. 1368 ROM need a high speed flash memory card, if haLt in "LOADING", please use high speed flash memory card.

SOFTWARE: SuperCard MINI SD V2.61(2007.08.06)
1. Fixed some games can not use cheat code problem.
2. The NDS games .sav file size to 512K (Support upto 4M bits saver)
3. 1110, 1158, 1183, 1214, 1240, 1256, 1260 ROMS which can not use cheat code before, work now.

FIRMWARE: Firmware V1.81 (2007.06.05)
Fixed homebrew can not be boot problem in v1.80