Q: How to upgrade the DSONEi firmware?
A: Please view here:
Q: Why upgrade firmware always RED light?
A: 1: Download the wrong version firmware file, such as English version DSONEi can not be upgraded by Chinese version firmware file. Please download the correct one.
2:Put the upgrade file “updateen.bin” into sub directory, not the root directory, firmware writer can not detect the upgrade file.
3: USB port can not provide a stable power, please change a stable USB port.
4:Firmware writer broken or DSONEi broken
5:too many disk defragments in the MicroSD,so format it before upgrade
Q: How to use DS Browser with Supercard DSONEi?

A: Make sure you have normal Supercard series. Rumble series can not.

  • Slot 1: SuperCard DSONEi with the ROM of DS Browser for SC (click to download).
  • Slot 2: SuperCard CF / SD / MiniSD/ MicroSD
  • Note: Please make sure the SD/MiniSD/MicroSD with a flash memory card insert, otherwise it will not be regonized by NDS.
Q: What is different in THREE MODE Supercard DSONEi?
  • A:

  • Standard Mode: 100% Clean ROM support, need high speed flash memory card. New game needs to be selected saver size or update the new saver size database. Operation: From the Menu??Other??AUTO Set SD Speed. And press A to save config.
  • Patch Mode (default): Real time patch. Compatible with all speed flash memory card. Auto select save size. 99% game support. Support RESET function. This is system default setting. Operation: From the Menu-->Other-->Enable Patch. And select Enable Patch.
Q: Why I just get 2 white screens when loading any games?
A: 1. That mean your microSD/TFlash memory card is a slow speed card, you can decrease the MicroSD speed from menu: Option-->SD Speed-->1X 2X 3X 4X 5X. Decrease the speed can increase the compatibility of MicroSD, but some games need a high speed flash memory card, such as " Castlevania PoR ", this game need a high speed memory card and Speed need to be set to 4X. A: 2. The "Saver size" is wrong, please download the newest "Saver size" database from here: SuperCard DSONEi Saver Size database.
Q: Why it always show " Black warning screen " before enter main menu?
A: Don't worry about it. It's a system self test message.
Q: The save file is not the same name as the Rom name, save file always short name?
A: The save file is created by system, it's short name, system can recognise it. Don't worry about it.
Q: Do I need to select correct " Saver size " for each game at " Saver Icon " before play any NDS roms or not ? Don't have any autodetect saver size ?
  • A:

  • In Standard Mode, SuperCard DSONEi support Clear ROM, so user need to select the "Saver size" by themself. Fortunately, we have a Saver size database in the DSONEi operation system, system will select the saver size automatic. But some games and new games "Saver size" are not in the database, if a game can not save, user should select the "Saver size" manually. System will remember the "Saver size", user just need to select it at the first time.
  • In Patch Mode, SuperCard DSONEi can autodetect saver size.
Q: How to change the "Saver size" manually ?
A: In Standard Mode, Use direct key to select a game, use touch pen to from the menu: Option-->File Info. There will be a File Info window appear, the game info. are list in the window, include the save size. There is a button "CHANGE" after the Save Size, just use touch pen to change the "Saver size" here, and touch "SAVE" button after selecting the correct szve size
Q: Should I select the "Saver size" each time to play ?
A: In Standard Mode, No. You do not need to do that, system will remember after the first setting.
Q: Why there are some games can not be played? Is it a real 100% compatibility?
A: In Standard Mode, It's 100% compatibility. It support Clear ROM, so it support new games in the future. If you can not play a game, it must be flash memory card speed problem. So games need a high speed flash memory card. Such as: such as " Castlevania PoR ", " Alphant GT2 "
Q: I am using a high speed flash memory card, why some game still game not play?
A: In Standard Mode, SuperCard DSONEi system defaut speed setting is 3X, you can set to 4X speed from the menu :Option-->SD Speed-->4X Speed. And the game you can play now.
Q: How to work with SC Rumble Series as a Rumble PAK.?
A: You should select the option from the menu: Other-->Set SC to Rumble Mode, and can work whit SuperCard Rumble Series. This function can be used in Standard mode, do not need to use any software.
Q: Why message "No Find English/Chinese/Japanese Ver!" Message appears?
A: That mean the OS is not an English/Chinese/Japanese version. Please download English/Chinese/Japanese version OS from
Q: How to play MP3 music on DSONEi?
A: SuperCard DSONEi OS system base on MoonShell, so it can play MP3 file directly, so user just need to copy MP3 file to flash memory card, select the MP3 file and press A to play it.
  • A:All skin of SUPERCARD DSONEi in the folder SCSHELL:
    The picture format is BMP 24bit
  • system.fon: This is system text font.
  • scmenu.bmp: Menu Icon, save, other, option, help 256x24
  • desktop.bmp: Down screen background 256x192
  • c_file.bmp: Up Screen background 256x192
  • c_text.bmp: Text background 256x192
  • sdspeed.bmp: Adjust SD speed guage 118x22
  • sb_body.bmp: Pop down part 1 8x8
  • sb_part.bmp: Pop down part 2 8x8
  • titlea.bmp: Window Top 256x16
  • closebtn.bmp: Close window button 14x14
  • change.bmp: Saver size save button 35x15
  • save.bmp: Save config button 25x15
  • load.bmp: Load data Button 25x15
  • wait.bmp: Wait icon 25x15
  • ok.bmp: DSONEi icon 25x15