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Time:2009-12-11 16:04From:network Author:admin
  • 1.Why do game files need to be converted?
    Since SC SLOT 2 cards adopt special hardware construction which requires that game files need to be converted. In addition, cheat, soft-reset, Real Time Save, size compressed etc. functions need to be added here.
  • 2.How to upgrade firmware?
    Download the newest firmware and unzip it into the root directory. *.scu firmware will be upgraded after you turn on console; but *.bin need manual operation.
  • 3.How is the battery consumption?
    SC card need power to run memory card (like SD, TF card). In addition, frequently soft-reset would consume some power. Take SP with an original standard battery; it can be played for about 5-6 hours with max volume.
  • 4.Can high-speed memory card be fit for MINISD?
    Of course it can. We recommend strongly to use high-speed memory card for SC MINISD.
  • 5.How to check the version of your SC?
    Press L + R when start SC MINISD to enter verify screen. Then press “A” button to go to the last option. You can check the version there.
  • 6.Does SC support MINI SD II?
    No, it just support MINI SD I which is the most popular on the market.
  • 7.How to save GBA game save files?
    Most of GBA games need save files. But SC has no battery save design, and save files need to be saved in memory card, so you must press L+R+A+SELECT to enter save menu to save those save files in memory card. Never lost save files! Next time it will be loaded automatically.
  • 8.How to use Real Time Save function on GBA games?
    Press L+R+B+SELECT to enter Real Time Save menu, freely to save or load.
  • 9.It appears white screens when I play games, then how could I do?
    This is due to the error patches in converting process. Convert the GBA game files again and don’t enable soft-reset and cheat.
  • 10.How to watch movies on GBA?
    You need to download software to convert film files. Then put the converted file in memory card. Turn on SC, run it as run a game. It’s very easy.
  • 11.How to watch movies on NDS?
    NDS can play movie files of *.DPG format with SC. Of course, it still needs a piece of famous software called “Moonshell”.
  • 12.How to use rominfo?
    Put rominfo in SC installation directory on PC and rewrite the former one. This is used by converted software, no business of memory card.
  • 13.How to convert film files of GBA format?
    By convert software designed for GBA movies.
  • 14.How to convert film files for NDS?
    By some convert software for DPG format.
  • 15.How to save FC/PCE/GB/SMS games?
    1. Copy a *.sav file (64k size)
    2. Rename the file make sure it is matched with the name of the game rom. (For example, game rom names “bbaa.nes”, then the matched save file should rename bbaa.sav).
    3. Run the Real Time Save function of emulator, and save the game you want.